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The Cosmonaut

2013, 100 min.
Drama, Sci-Fi
Director: Nicolas Alcala
Starring: Leon Ockenden, Katrine de Candole, Max Wrottesley

Stas gets lost in space. When he comes back, he finds Earth completely empty. Yulia and Andrei wait for him in a collapsing world. How far would you go for love?

“The Cosmonaut” is much more than a movie. Is an experience that took four years in the making, pushing the boundaries of alternative distribution, copyright and financing. It’s crowdfunded (with more than half a million dollars raised), creative commons-licensed (all the raw materials will be realeased for you to reuse them), transmedia (a feature film, 30 extra episodes, a shortfilm and two books), and with a fan-based distribution (thanks to Tugg!).

So in a movie theater, “The Cosmonaut” is nothing but a regular screening. You can watch the film with tons of additional material that will take you fifty years back in time, to the beginning of the Space Race, when the Soviets ruled the cosmos.

Suit up and choose “The Cosmonaut” experience. If you dare.

"Has The Cosmonaut discovered the future of cinema?" - Todd Brown, TWITCH

"One of the Creative Crowd's Greatest Hits" - WIRED UK

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