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2012, 80 min.
Comedy/Drama, Independent, LGBT, Shorts Compilation
Director: Kyle Henry
Starring: Paul Soileau, Sara Sevigny, Amy Jean Johnson, Danielle Rene, Atticus Rowe, Cyndi Williams

FOURPLAY is four intimate tales of sexual triumph and travail set in four American cities. In Skokie, a closeted woman’s crush on her minister’s wife erupts during a weekend of dog sitting. In Austin, a young couple discovers a kinky way to keep their relationship alive. In Tampa, a man with an extremely small penis finds his nirvana in a public restroom. And in San Francisco, a cross-dressing sex-worker faces a challenging assignment with a quadriplegic man, arranged by the client’s wife.

A quartet of stories in which characters’ lives are changed by unusual sexual encounters, FOURPLAY frames desire through themes of connection, eroticism, shame, fear, love, spiritual healing and selfworth. Tonally, the tales span the gamut from sorrowful to comedic to downright filthy.

While FOURPLAY is unrated, it should be treated as NC-17.

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