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Best of the Rural Film Festival 2012-13

2012, 100 min.
Shorts Compilation
Directors: Robert Gardner, Audrey Hall, Mike Hoath, Paul Clipson, Chris Thomas, Henri Desaunay, Jason Shahinfar, Juan Gil Garcia, Marieka Walsh

The Rural Route Film Festival features cutting edge independent work by and about people and places outside of the mainstream media. Our content comes from the fields, the mountains, the deserts, the jungle - distant, remote corners of the Earth. Topics include agricultural issues, rural culture, experimental films, comedies and dramas. This programs features 11 of our very best short films from the annual NYC based festival! “’Eat locally, think globally’ would make a good theme for this edition...” -Steve Dollar wrote in the Wall Street Journal, and you'll see his point through homegrown U.S. fare like the well-stated, South Dakota shocker,“A Short Film About Ice Fishing”, a documentary about a painter and his Montana ranch subject, a macro experimental film on the bugs of Golden Gate Botanical Garden, and an archival/found piece about the best street cleaner and self-taught guitarist from Norton, Virginia!
This program includes some of our favorite narrative films ever - which also happen to be foreign fare - like the whimsical, inverted French fairytale, “Sacha the Bear”, the N. Wales sci-fi thriller, “The Water’s Edge”, the story of a closeted drag queen/Mexican farm boy, “Un Buen Hijo”, and two amazing films from Australia – “The Hunter” (a sand animated timeless folk tale) and “Crosshairs” (a textbook perfect drama about 2 poaching brothers).  And on top of that, the program includes 2 films from famed ethnographer, Robert Gardner, shot in Ethiopia and the Chilean Patagonia.

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