Tugg - The Milky Way in Rocky River, OH on Thursday, May 22,  6:30PM

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The Milky Way

Promoted by Cleveland Natural Parenting

Thursday, May 22 6:30PM - 8:28PM

at AMC Westwood Town Center Cinema
21653 Center Ridge Rd, Rocky River, OH, US, 44116, US (map)
$11.00 General

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  • Movie presentation of The Milky Way

    The Milky Way is set to release on Mother's Day Weekend, Thursday, May 8 - Sunday, May 11. If you don't see a screening in your city, sign up to host one! Don't miss out! Be sure to schedule it on or after Mother's Day Weekend. 

    Are you a mom? Planning to be a mom? If so, this film is an absolute must see.The Milky Way is a sensitive, informative and sometimes challenging treatment of the very personal matter of breastfeeding. Women in the United States are set up to fail and the US rates reflect it. Two accomplished lactation consultants, Jennifer Davidson and Chantal Molnar, are fired up to change the cultural and political road blocks placed in front of woman wishing to breastfeed. They are ready to fight the fight to make things right.

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Are you a mom? Planning to be a mom? If so,The Milky Way is an absolute must see! Reserve your tickets now!