Tugg - Being Ginger in Tampa, FL on Tuesday, June 03,  7:30PM

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Being Ginger

Promoted by Scott P. Harris

Tuesday, June 03 7:30PM - 9:04PM

at Muvico Centro Ybor 20
1600 East 8th Ave, Tampa, FL, US, 33605, US (map)
$15.00 General

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The Event Program

  • Movie presentation of Being Ginger

    "Being ginger" is a wonderful, illuminating look into the life of the film's maker, Scott P. Harris. At first the film seems to be a comedy about a red haired man trying to find love. But through revealing moments, whimsical animation, and real interviews, a universal story arises. We are all different. We all have aspects of our lives that set us apart from the crowd and greatly affect us. In Scott's case, it's his red hair. Through captivating storytelling, we journey with Scott as he lets the viewer into his thoughts, experiences, and internal processing of how his red hair has influence over his life and how it makes him feel about himself. Finding oneself through finding love and being able to accept it, can be experienced by all. So, while the film's title highlights red hair, it is about much, much more. Everyone should watch this film and reflect on what makes them 'ginger' in their own life. And, of course, give a ginger some love.

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  • Q&A

    Stick around after the film for a Q&A with filmmaker, Scott Harris!

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