Tugg - Mile... Mile & A Half in Huntsville, AL on Tuesday, January 14,  6:30PM

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Mile... Mile & A Half

Promoted by Recreational Outing Club

Tuesday, January 14 6:30PM - 8:23PM

at Carmike Valley Bend 18
1485 Four Mile Post Road South East, Huntsville, AL, US, 35802, US (map)
$11.00 General

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The Event Program

  • Movie presentation of Mile...Mile & A Half

    The Muir Project Presents: MILE...MILE AND A HALF In an epic snow year, a group of artists leave their daily lives behind to hike & record the historic John Muir Trail. From Yosemite to Mt. Whitney: 219 miles in 25 days. Along the way, they are joined by musicians, painters, teachers & other adventure-seekers. In the midst of the grandeur & daily grind, they discover what matters most is the opportunity to seek inspiration & adventure wherever & whenever you can, with those around you. Mile... Mile & A Half is the feature-length documentary of that journey.

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The mission of Recreational Outing Club is to share the enjoyment of the outdoors as well as educate the leaders of tomorrow about the wonders that can be found therein and the importance of protecting the outdoors and its integrity for future generations. The purpose of ROC is to foster activities and outings throughout the year while simultaneously promoting physical activity and love of the outdoors in the University of Alabama in Huntsville student body.

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Event Info

This is a fundraising event for UAH's Recreational Outing Club. We will be showing a Mile... Mile & a Half which is a documentary about five friends and their epic journey through the John Muir Trail.