Tugg - #ReGENERATION in Los Angeles, CA on Thursday, May 03,  7:30PM

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Thursday, May 03 7:30PM - 9:15PM

at Downtown Independent
251 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA, US, 90012, US (map)
$9.00 General

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The Event Program

  • Movie presentation of #ReGeneration

    The award-winning documentary film, #ReGENERATION, explores the galvanizing forces behind the Occupy Movement and the state of social activism in our society. The film takes an uncompromising look at the challenges facing today's youth and young adults as they attempt to engage on a myriad of social and political issues.

    Focused on how our education, parenting, and media can influence us, the film follows three separate walks of life representing today's generation. Each brings their own unique perspective - from an inspired collective of musicians working outside the corporate system, to a twenty-something conservative family about to welcome the birth of their second child, and a group of five high-school students from the suburbs looking for their place in society. Their stories are interspersed with the knowledge, wisdom, and personal reflections of some of the country's leading scholars, social activists, and media personalities, including Noam Chomsky, the late Howard Zinn, Adbusters' Kalle Lasn, Andrew Bacevich, Talib Kweli, and many others.

    Narrated by Ryan Gosling and featuring a riveting soundtrack from STS9, the film explores how today's generation approaches activism, how it is impacted by technology, our disconnection with nature and history, our consumer culture, and the economic factors holding many of us back from becoming more active participants in our communities. Through a diverse and intelligent series of stories, interviews and insights, we come to a deeper understanding of the influences shaping our society. We have entered uncharted territory, economically, environmentally, and intellectually--and we must look honestly at ourselves to create a sustainable future.

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  • Panel Discussion

    Following the screening there will be a special discussion with Director Phillip Montgomery and producer Matt DeRoss.

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Event Info

Join audiences across the country for this special one-night-only screening of #ReGENERATION. Invite your friends to participate in this ongoing discussion about making a real impact through activism. Stay informed and let your voice be heard.

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