Tugg - Cancerpants in Buffalo, NY on Thursday, June 13,  7:30PM

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Thursday, June 13 7:30PM - 9:05PM

at Dipson Theatres Amherst Theatre
3500 Main St, Buffalo, NY, US, 14226, US (map)
$12.00 General

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The Event Program

  • The film will open with a welcome message from the producer, Nevie Owens.
  • Movie presentation of Cancerpants

    A warm, witty, and insightful human story of triumph that arms women worldwide touched by breast cancer. Through the candid and emotionally aware voice of breast cancer survivor, Rochelle Poulson, cancerpants overcomes the struggles with enduring courage and clarity.

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Event Info

Cancerpants is a story about life, love, and a young woman’s journey with breast cancer. In September 2009, at the age of 36, as she and her partner prepared to conceive a child, Rochelle Poulson was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. Director Nevie Owens commenced shooting this frank and uplifting documentary just ten days later.