Tugg - The Cosmonaut in Houston, TX on Wednesday, May 15,  7:30PM

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The Cosmonaut

Promoted by Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Vintage Park

Wednesday, May 15 7:30PM - 9:30PM

at Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park
114 Vintage Park Boulevard, Houston, TX, US, 77070, US (map)
$10.00 General

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The Event Program

  • Movie presentation of The Cosmonaut

    "“The Cosmonaut is a story about memories and desire. Even those memories that exist only in one’s imagination.” October 1975. Stas prepares to become the first Russian cosmonaut on the Moon. Andrei, his best friend, manages the mission. In the tense last days before departure, Stas thinks about Yulia, the woman they both have been in love with since her arrival to Star City, more than ten years ago. They finalize the details of the mission, but just two days after takeoff the spacecraft loses communication with Earth. For seven months, Andrei and Yulia look for him day and night without rest. One day the ship returns to Earth. After it falls, there is no trace of the cosmonaut. The confusion increases with the beginning of a series of radio transmissions: Stas is speaking from an undisclosed location. He says that he’s back on Earth and claims to have found it empty. Little by little, a new, strange and dangerous triangle begins to take form.

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Event Info

The Cosmonaut has been one of the most successful crowdfunding movie projects in the world: Almost 600,000 dollars raised through 5000 backers worldwide. 
Featured in magazines like Wired or media like CNN as the future of film because it's distribution approach, and also case studied by dozens of universities, film and business schools around the globe.