Tugg - Refuge From The Storm in Syracuse, NY on Wednesday, January 23,  7:30PM

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Refuge From The Storm

Promoted by The Way of CNY

Wednesday, January 23 7:30PM - 9:49PM

at Regal Carousel Mall Stadium 17
9586 Destiny USA Dr, Syracuse, NY, US, 13204, US (map)
$13.00 Auditorium 1

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The Event Program

  • Introduction
  • Movie presentation of Refuge From the Storm

    A True-life story of the complete deliverance from life's battles. Linda (Kristen Quintrall) the daughter of a wealthy family is left broken by spiritual forces beyond her control. While working at a night club, Linda meets Steve (Michael Madsen), an aspiring writer, Steve, who in his search for the "Meaning of Life", gets pulled into a world of drugs and spiritual darkness propagated by Katrine (Jane Santos), the nightclub owner.

    Linda begins to see beyond Katrine's world, with the knowledge she receives from a total stranger. With a fearless attitude she conquers the darkness in her own life, and unknowingly changes the course of many lives along the way.

    This film is rated PG-13.

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  • After the Film

    After the film, discussion is welcomed and additional information will be available in the lobby.

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Event Info

Don't live in fear or bondage. There is refuge from the storm.

Link to Film Website - http://refugefromthestormmovie.com/

Link to bios for stars Kristen Quintrall, Michael Madsen & Jane Santos - http://refugefromthestormmovie.com/#cast_bios.html.