• Create an Event

    Choose a film from the Tugg Library

    Select your event details, and then Tugg will reserve the theater and give you a personalized event page for your screening.

  • Spread the Word

    Share the event through email and social media with your friends, family, and community

    Make it clear to everyone that the event will only happen if enough tickets get reserved. Remember, you're all in it together!

  • Meet the Threshold

    Sell enough tickets before the event deadline and your screening will be confirmed!

    Don't worry! If the threshold isn't reached, the event will be called off and no one will be charged for their ticket purchase.

  • Enjoy the Show

    Now you get to sit back and enjoy the movie with your community!

    And remember, this is your event, so personalize it by hosting an in-theater introduction, discussion, or Q&A!